Will the Real Obama Please Stand Up? – March 06, 2008

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The author of the web site above has researched Obama like the news media should have. Start with the section, “Obama and Race”. Follow that with “Obama and Islam.” March 4, 2008, Obama said that his presidency would work to regain the trust of Muslims worldwide with Washington-led aid programs in Muslim countries. I would like to hear him say that Muslim countries would work to regain the trust of Americans after September 11, 2001.

Next you should read “Obama and Africa.” Follow that with “Obama’s Politics”. By now, you should be worried.

If not, I’ve saved a sure-fire scare-tactic for last. Read with trembling and fear, “Obama’s Advisors”! Don’t miss the last one, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the architect of the current situation in the Middle East, as Obama’s CHIEF FOREIGN POLICY ADVISOR. He was JIMMY CARTER’S NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR 30 years ago. This guy threw the Shah of Iran under the bus and ushered in the Islamic Ayatollah Khomeini (or however they spell it). It’s been war and bloodshed ever since. How brilliant can Obama really be?

He keeps saying he isn’t Muslim. I keep seeing Islamic overtones in his life, his speeches, his actions and the people he listens to. Throw in a couple of Marxists, Black Panthers, Communists, rich Iraqi entrepreneurs, corrupt politicians, political fixers for hire, racists, hate-mongers, and Carter’s Little Liver Pill – Brzezinski, and you’ve got reason to tremble and shake. Still not convinced? Two weeks after he was appointed by Obama, Brzezinski was in Syria to begin talks with the terrorists and political assasins of the Assad Regime. Did I mention that Tony Rezko, Obama’s friend, contributor, fund-raiser and garden to the mansion buyer, is Syrian????

Every time some of his background comes to light, Obama blames Hillary for throwing the kitchen sink at him. If Obama had no kitchen sinks in his life, there would be none for Hillary to throw. But Hillary doesn’t do all of the throwing. There are plenty of people out there who know who Barak Hussein really is and they are talking!

This is one of the most important, if not THE MOST important elections in our lifetime and perhaps in the history of this country.

(Perhaps, if you’re not completely distraught, you could later read, Obama’s Lies”. Images of Hillary and Bill will start to float about in your mind. By then, you’ll be screaming, “Oh, no! Not again. I’ll never go through that again!)

All of the sections on the web site are certainly worth reading. All of them are pieces to the puzzle that is Obama.

The photo is Obama and his first cousin, Raila Odinga, who lost the presidential election in Kenya.

“Raila Odinga has, in his own words, a “close personal friendship” with Obama. When Obama went to Kenya in August of 2006, he was hosted by Raila and spoke in praise of him at several rallies in Nairobi. Obama’s bias for his fellow Luo was so blatant that a Kenya government spokesman denounced Obama during his visit as Raila’s “stooge.”

When Raila Odinga lost the presidential election to Mwai Kibaki, he claimed the vote was rigged, whereupon his tribal followers went on murderous rampages, such as in the town of Eldoret, where on New Years Day dozens of Christians were burned to death in a church set on fire. Throughout Kenya, hundreds of people have been politically murdered in the last few days.

Islam had picked Raila to win.

The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya has posted on its website a photograph copy of a Memorandum of Understanding, dated and signed on August 29, 2007, between Raila Odinga and Shiekh Abdullah Abdi, chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum of Kenya.

Here is a summary on the agreement which was signed:

* It pledges the support of Kenyan Moslems for Raila’s election. In return, as President of Kenya, Raila agrees to 14 actions, listed a) through n) on page two.

* Within 6 months re-write the Constitution of Kenya to recognize Shariah as the only true law sanctioned by the Holy Quran for Muslim declared regions.

* Within one year facilitate the establishment of a Shariah court in every Kenyan divisional headquarters. [Note: everywhere in Kenya, not just in “Muslim declared regions.”]

* Popularize Islam, the only true religion… by ordering every primary school in Kenya in the regions to conduct daily Madrassa classes.

* Impose a total ban on open-air gospel crusades by worshippers of the cross…

* Outlaw gospel programs… on KBC, the National Broadcaster.

* Impose a total ban on the public consumption of alcoholic beverages…

* Impose an immediate ban on women’s public dressing styles that are considered immoral and offensive to the Muslim faith…

Obama’s involvement in Kenyan politics, whether tribal or religious, is bothersome.

Especially if it is both.”

In a speech on the night of March 4th, Obama said,

“There is a young man on my campaign whose grandfather lives in Uganda. He is 81 years old and has never experienced true democracy in his lifetime. During the reign of Idi Amin, he was literally hunted and the only reason he escaped was thanks to the kindness of others and a few good-sized trunks. And on the night of the Iowa caucuses, that 81-year-old man stayed up until five in the morning, huddled by his television, waiting for the results.

The world is watching what we do here. The world is paying attention to how we conduct ourselves. What will they see? What will we tell them? What will we show them?”

Uganda neighbors Kenya. Obama is so concerned with Africa that he wants Americans to vote in a way that shows an old man in Uganda something about democracy. Obama needs to concentrate on America. He doesn’t want us in Iraq, but he seems to be saying that we need to be doing something for Africa. He isn’t concerned about helping Iraqi people find democracy, but he does want us to help Ugandans find democracy. Why not in Iraq? Are those people any less human beings in need?

Barak Hussein Obama has patterns in his life. If elected president in the U.S. of America, he will act more like the president of Africans and Muslims than Americans.


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