John the Baptist – March 01, 2008

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In fairness to Barak ? Obama, I’m investigating the middle names and their meanings of the other candidates in the race for president.

John – of Hebrew origin from Yochanan, meaning God is gracious

Sidney – of English origin meaning wide island or well-watered wide island

I wouldn’t apply well-watered to Arizona. Perhaps I could apply it to America, except that it would be an awfully big island. Perhaps it could be applied to the Panama Canal Zone where John McCain was born to parents in the Navy.

McCain – the Mc inferring Scottish roots – Cain, in the Bible, turned on his brother Abel, and that sort of fits. John turned on his Republican Party brothers many times.

Beginning in the early 1990s, McCain began attending the 6,000-member North Phoenix Baptist Church in Arizona, part of the Southern Baptist Convention, later saying “[I found] the message and fundamental nature more fulfilling than I did in the Episcopal church. … They’re great believers in redemption, and so am I.”[110] Nevertheless he still identified himself as Episcopalian,[110] and while Cindy and two of their children were baptized into the Baptist church, he was not.[110]

McCain butted heads with Moral Majority co-founder Paul Weyrich, who was challenging John Tower regarding alleged heavy drinking and extramarital affairs.[111] Thus began McCain’s difficult relationship with the Christian right, as he would later write that Weyrich was “a pompous self-serving son of a bitch.”[111]

His overall loss on that day (March 7, 2000 in a failed run for the Republican presidential nominee) has been attributed to his going “off message”, ineffectively accusing Bush of being anti-Catholic due to having visited Bob Jones University[164] and getting into a verbal battle with leaders of the Religious Right.[165]

John the Baptist had better stop turning on his brothers before he gets his head handed to him on a platter. (a political platter, that is)

(And since when do Baptists use such foul language and indulge in such rancorous temper fits? He should read that Bible next time.)

I still like Mike. He’s my kind of Baptist.


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