Name Calling – February 28, 2008

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Politics always dissolves into name-calling. However, this election cycle, the Democrats, who I’ve found to be the worst about name-calling, are demanding a stop to this practice. They don’t want anyone using Barak ? Obama’s middle name, Hussein. I guess because they fear that it would strike the electorate as sounding Islamic. His father was Islamic, I’ve read, as are his relatives on his father’s side, according to news stories online. Barak ? Obama says that his father left the family when he was about two years old, suggesting that he had little to no relationship with him. I have no reason to doubt him. I did, however, see several photos online of Barak ? Obama visiting his father’s family and village in Kenya and wearing their apparael.

Let’s just forget his middle name. He doesn’t go by that, anyway. What about his first name, Barak. I noticed it right away. It’s Hebrew – Jewish. Not by religion – by race. It means “lightning”.

“The boy’s name Barak \b(a)-rak is pronounced ba-RAHK, BARE-ek. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “flash of lightning“. Biblical: a valiant fighting man who cooperated with the prophetess Deborah to win victory in a battle against overwhelming odds.” From

Now that seems to me to be worth noting. ” The black son of a white woman” from Kansas whose father is Islamic and from Kenya, Africa, born in Hawaii, growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, then attending Harvard Law School and Columbia U. in New York, by his own words “not raised in a religious household, joining a United Church of Christ in Chicago, becoming U.S. Senator and running for President. This sounds miraculous. I defy anyone to say that blacks don’t have opportunity in America. Here is a living current example, as is his wife.

His candidacy did seem to strike like lightning. He does seem to be battling against overwhelming odds and so far, coming very close to winning a victory. I think he is aptly named or at least, living up to his name.

Now, “Obama” is much harder to find. So far, all I can find is one entry:

a Luo name (male) from Western Kenya (Nyanza Provice) which may derive from “obam,” which conotes “bending” or “leaning”.”

Is that “left leaning”?


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