Bill Clinton in Bed – February 26, 2008

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…of Pick-up Truck, in El Paso, TX, I think. (or Lancaster, Ohio. The Drudge Report didn’t say which.

You know, I’d never advise anyone to let their guard down just yet, but does it feel like, to you, that the Clinton Machine is winding down to a close? When the former President of the United States is reduced to standing in the bed of a pick-up truck in El Paso stumping for his wife’s campaign, well it just seems prophetic. I mean, the guy was paid $12 million in advance for his book deal and commanded high fees for speaking engagements all over the world. What’s he doing in the back end of a truck next to an old green barrel?

I guess he’d do anything for his wife. Or to get himself back in the White House.

Granted, you’ll see “former President” George W. Bush standing in the bed of a pick-up truck in Texas someday, but he’ll be throwing bales of hay out of it for his cattle. He’ll be happy and enjoying life on his eco-friendly energy efficient ranch in the good ole’ state of Texas. Home.

But Bill, he’ll be out there somewhere campaigning for something or someone, not really knowing where home is. Is it Arkansas? He hasn’t lived there since the early 90’s. Is it Washington, D.C. He hasn’t lived there since the late 90’s. Is it Chappaqua, New York? No, that’s the home of Senator Clinton. President Clinton was travelling around the world, golfing in Florida and hanging out in Hollywood. What does an old politician do when his time on center stage is over?

I don’t know, but for goodness sakes, STOP WAGGING THAT FINGER!


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