Obamania! – February 23, 2008

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Please visit this web site first so you will know what I’m talking about.


There is no need to watch the entire video, just watch Obama blow his nose and then pay attention to the crowd’s response to that! Notice how it grows to a fever pitch. Because he blew his nose. Somebody help this nation! Please!

What does this crowd, and all of Obama’s supporters, expect from Obama if he’s elected? Do they expect him to give them health care or insurance? Do they believe this health care or insurance will be free or cheap? If they do, I hope they will ask some critical questions and do some real thinking. Draw sound logical conclusions based on facts.

Insurance companies are privately owned or belong to their stockholders, which are private companies and private individuals. How will the government control what these private companies charge for insurance. Do Obama supporters want a government take-over of private companies? Is that democracy? I ask the same question about doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies and drug manufacturers. Do Obama supporters want a government take-over of all these private companies and insurance companies? Do they also want a government take-over of oil companies, refineries, gas stations, banks, mortgage companies?

Obama supporters may want the government to take over everything so that there will be no problems in America. That hasn’t worked anywhere it’s been tried. It isn’t democracy and it isn’t freedom. Right now, the government is big, slow and makes lots of mistakes. Look at the government’s performance during Hurricane Katrina. Do Obama Supporters want the government in charge of their cancer treatment, heart surgery, pain management, childhood lukemia, etc.? Count me out!

Judging by the mentality of the crowd that rose to a roar just because Obama blew his nose, I fear for this country. I don’t believe Obama has an informed, thinking support base. Don’t get me wrong. I know there are some who do realize what Obama is offering and do want that, just like Obama wants to procure it for America. But those people don’t favor democracy. Maybe because they believe they will be in the ruling class, have high positions in the government, not one of the regular people who have to lose their freedom and take whatever the government is willing to give them. Not me.


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