So What’s In View? – February 18, 2008

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We seem locked in, whether we like it or not. If you’re a Democrat, which I am not, then you are going to have Hillary or Obama. Obama seems like a landslide, but the Clinton’s have “ways” of getting what they want, regardless.

If you’re a Republican, you’re going to get McCan’t. But wait a minute. Not so fast. The politcal graveyard is filled with “shoe ins” who lost the election to political correctness. A slip of the tongue, an off-guard moment, an open microphone or camera rolling unbeknownst to the candidate, a mole in the campaign crew, a long forgotten deed or document or writtten opinion……. Even celebrities wake up one morning a huge success and by the end of the day, they are over because of something they said or did that the watchdogs didn’t like.

With McCan’t’s history for hot-headed temper, flash-points with anyone who disagrees with him (and from what I read in the news, it’s Republicans – he gets along great with Democrats, hugs and smiles), nasty language and contempt for Christians and Christian leaders, pastors and evangelists, his gap with Conservatives and the list goes on……anything can happen between now and the final election.

When someone sets him off, he will be done, unless it’s a Republican. No one cares if he verbally assaults a Republican, a Conservative or a Christian. But when this race becomes the Democrats and the news media against John McCan’t, then we might see the love-fest between them disappear in a flash – a flash of temper. That famous temper, which is being acknowledged but forgiven, can be the deciding factor in this election. Now who will Americans be most likely to vote for – a very nice soft-spoken, sweet guy like Barak Obama or a nasty-mouthed foul-tempered hot head angry white man like McCain?

So take it away, boys ( and “I am woman!”). I predict that Bill Clinton will take sharp unfair digs at McCan’t which will throw McCan’t into the graveyard with so many others who used to be a shoe in. His foul temper and foul mouth will dig his political resting place. Some publications have dubbed him “Senator Hot Head”. A real statesman, that McCain – NOT!

Visit these web sites for more on Mc’Can’t’s famous foul temper and foul mouth.………

Oh, and here’s a news flash. Even though McCan’t won’t name his VP for a while, he has been making comments on his views for that selection. Lucky us. He wants someone like himself. So we would have two McCan’ts. Now doesn’t that just make your day?

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