Do Americans Really Know What They Are Voting For – February 13, 2008

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I wonder if Americans really know what they are voting for and what the consequences will be. Can it be true that they really like it when politicians take more and more of their freedoms away .?

Like their freedom of speech, which McCain reduced. The McCain-Feingold Bill

Like freedom to see any doctor you want, any time you want, any where you want, get any treatment you need when you need it and pay for it with your own money or with your insurance policy. Hillary Clinton has been determined for years to stop that all over America. She intends to make universal health care a law. Her version will force everyone to buy health insurance whether they want to or not. If they don’t, the government will garnish their wages. Now you belong to the government. Your health care belongs to the government and your wages belong to the government. Why would anyone vote for that? It’s less freedom and the health care is not free. You pay for it. If you don’t have enough money to pay for it, the government will take it from your paycheck before you buy groceries for your kids. People who don’t have paychecks will get their insurance from your paycheck and your business.

Please visit the following web site for more information.

Ted Kennedy, Democrat, started “managed health care” and we all know how that has worked out. A young woman recently died because her insurance company decided not to cover the transplant that was necessary to save her life. Four hours after she died, they changed their mind and allowed the transplant. Too late.

The Democrats never saw a socialist plan they didn’t like. The more government controls the people, the more the Kennedy’s and the Clintons like it.

Do Americans really want to pay higher and higher taxes? They keep voting for the very candidates who have tried to raise their taxes in the past and have promised to do so if they become President. I have an idea. A lot of us believe we already pay enough taxes. We don’t want ours to increase. So those of you who do want your taxes to go up, go ahead and send in as much extra as you want when you pay your taxes in April. Then there is no need to raise everyone’s. You will be happy paying more and I will be happy not paying more. Deal?


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