The McCain Work Over – February 05, 2008

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Conservatives are getting the “work over”. John McCain is getting a major “work over.” The news media seems hell bent on influencing this election. Every channel is pushing John McCain. Left leaning liberal and moderate Republicans are endorsing McCain every day. We’re being told relentlessly that McCain is a conservative. McCain is claiming to be a conservative. But real conservatives aren’t buying it.

Sean Hannity asked former Senator Bob Dole why he thinks McCain is a conservative when McCain fought the tax cuts more than once, joined the famous “Gang of 14”, sponsored McCain-Feingold silencing free political speech before an election, sponsored the McCain-Kennedy bill giving amnesty to illegals, and Dole never gave a good answer. He only repeated that McCain is a conservative. Dole just expects us to take his word for it and ignore the evidence.

One question: If McCain is truly a conservative, why do Independents, Democrats and the news media get all excited about McCain? There is no way that a Democrat, even Joe Lieberman, or that the news media, or even an Independent is ever going to endorse or vote for a conservative. Why then do they support McCain? That should tell you that he isn’t viewed as a conservative by them. Why should we?

McCain’s age should be a consideration, as he is well past his prime. That’s a legitimate concern. And let’s never forget his hot-headed temper or the rude and mean-spirited way he speaks to people he is disagreeing with. Michelle Malkin reported in her column that McCain used some very foul language to Texas Sen. John Cornyn of his own party when he disagreed with McCain. The floor of the Senate is where debate over issues is expected and no one should blow a fuse if everyone doesn’t agree with him. That kind of behavior can’t be categorized as diplomacy, which is needed in the White House.

I don’t believe in giving the White House to anyone just because it’s “his turn”. No one is guaranteed a turn. I want the person who is the best we can find for the job. I also don’t believe I’m obligated to put McCain in the White House because he served his country in the military, fought in a war or was captured and tortured by the enemy. I’m very thankful that he served in the military, proud of him for fighting in the war, salute his bravery while captured and feel deeply sorry that he was tortured and mistreated. But I feel no obligation to put him in the White House as payment for that. There are others who served, fought and suffered and we can’t give all of them the presidency.

McCain is called a maverick because he bucks his party, does his own thing, throws fits, sides with the opponents of Republican beliefs, doesn’t care who doesn’t like it, and says harsh things to people and about people. The Christians of South Carolina should remember his stated attitude towards them in 2000. He calls it Straight Talk. I call it mean. Okay. He likes straight talk. Here it is.

McCain absolutely is not a conservative and there is a deafening thunder of feet stomping the definition of the word into the ground, in the hope that it will never re-surface.


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