We’ve Got to Be Smart – January 30, 2008

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Last night I heard Glenn Beck say that he may not vote if John McCain is the Republican candidate in the 2008 Presidential election. Why? Because he has principles. He believes that voting for a nominee who doesn’t represent his principles is part of what is wrong with our current political system. He’s tired of playing that game and doesn’t want to do it anymore.

I don’t want to vote for John McCain, either. Right now, I have no idea who I could vote for. It’s tough this year. But one thing I DO know, is that I have to do whatever I can to keep Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama out of the White House. I guess I would vote for the Republican candidate as a vote against the Democrat candidate. And if it’s McCain, I would get a tiny benefit over a Democrat. Remember, if Hillary gets into the White House, she will spend us into oblivion. At least, McCain hasn’t been a big spender like Hillary WILL BE.


John McCain is Democrat-light in my opinion. He’s angered me countless times. I don’t view him as the candidate of change just because he bucked his party, MY PARTY, at nearly every turn. I want a Republican, not a Democrat-light.

Unity is not the result of bucking your party on almost all issues. We’re in the Republican Party because we share values and core principles. John McCain does not share our values. He votes against them routinely.

McCAIN/FEINGOLD BILL – a bill pushed into law by John McCain and Russ Feingold (Democrat).

This abomination restricts our political free speech before an election. America prides itself on free speech to a fault. But McCain-Feingold (D) prohibits national political party committees (Republican Party) from raising or SPENDING any funds not subject to federal limits, EVEN FOR STATE AND LOCAL RACES OR ISSUE DISCUSSION. It restricts issue discussion funded by Republican Party committees prior to an election. What is this? Free speech? Not by any definition! What is the Republican Party? It’s people who have joined together to support their principles in our government’s policies and who support candidates that can make that a reality. They are the electorate – the voters. Why should they be restricted from speaking out just before an election? I don’t know. Ask John McCain – Democrat-light.

This law restricts issue ads, defined as “electioneering communications” broadcast ads that name a federal candidate within 30 days of a primary or caucus OR 60 days of a general election. This prohibits non-profit issue organizations such as Right to Life from running ads naming a candidate 30 days before a primary or caucus and 60 days prior to a general election. So if a pro-abortion candidate is running, Right to Life is prohibited from running ads informing the public about that candidate’s stance on abortion within that time period. Note that the time period controlled is the most important time to get your message to the voting public. Most people pay more attention very close to time to vote. That’s when they are most listening. In my opinion, McCain has told us to shut up.

McCAIN-FEINGOLD (D) violates the First Amendment guaranteeing us freedom of speech, which addressed free politcal speech, in particular.

This is not Republican or even American or democratic. Let everyone talk all the way up to an election.


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