McCain/Kennedy Bill – January 30, 2008

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The McCain/KENNEDY bill

John McCain, Democrat-light, teamed up with Sen. Ted Kennedy (a favorite of Republicans) to push an immigration bill. He would say that he reached across the aisle, worked in a bi-partisan fashion to bring about change and reform the immigration mess in this country.

I would say that he turned on the Republican principles again and lent his support to the Democrats’ intentions. This bill went down in flames due to the public’s outcry, which was very loud and very upset. The bill would create a new visa category, called H-5A. It was for illegal alien workers who would perform jobs not previously covered in the existing visa categories. So we already had a program for aliens to apply for a work visa and McCain and Teddy created more. This category would lead to a green card and permanent residence after three years of working here. Spouses and children would be able to follow the principal applicant.

One thousand (a ridiculously conservative number) applicants could translate to two, three, four thousand or more. Multiply that by an estimated 12 million applicants (x 2, 3, 4 or more in spouses and children). We could be inviting 12 million, 24 million, 36 million, 48 million (with one spouse and two children). The Democrats must have noted that those “new citizens” could vote and would vote for the Dems who gave them amnesty. 48 million additional Democrat voters. But that probably wasn’t why the Democrats supported this bill. John McCain must have known that he planned to run for President of the United States and could tout that his name is actually on that bill!

Sure, McCain and Kennedy gave lip service to border security and funding for such, but who needs it after you allow everyone in and give them amnesty. Who is going to weed through the backgrounds of 48 million new applicants to see who is a drug dealer, who is a terrorist, who is a fugitive from justice in their home country, who has a communicable disease and the list goes on. There is no provision in the bill limiting the number of children an applicant can bring. What if some have six or eight children?

What will our country look like, sound like, vote like, if 48 million aliens from another country flood in? YOU will be a minority and never be able to out-vote them. They will vote for government entitlement programs giving themselves money and benefits from your tax dollars and your paychecks.

John McCain isn’t a true Republican. He’s a Democrat-light.

Why else would Joe Lieberman endorse John McCain. Joe Lieberman was Al Gore’s running mate. Remember?


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