Democrats’ Debate – January 25, 2008

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The Democrats’ debate a couple of nights ago was a very racist affair. For people who claim they want to end racism, they failed to remain neutral on race and stick to the issues facing our country. All they talked about was race and gender, race and gender, race and gender. Poor John Edwards starting feeling guilty about being white and male. He came very close to apologizing for it. He was visibly squirming and looked very uncomfortable. The jokes made by Hillary and Obama poked fun at Edwards for being white and male. It’s a good thing Edwards wasn’t a conservative as well or he would have been under his chair. John Edwards may as well quit now. He is a victim of his own party’s racism.

There was no appeal made to whites and only black males’ votes were sought in this shameful exhibition. I was shocked when the discussion turned to Bill Clinton, America’s first black president. Poor Obama would love to be America’s first black president, but a white man has stolen that from him. Obama is a victim of Clinton racism.

If Bill Clinton is America’s first black president, then Hillary is America’s first black first lady. Obama should point out that there is nothing black about Bill or Hillary. Neither of them have ever suffered discrimination or true hardship because of the color of their skin. Neither of them have ever been denied entrance to a school, a public restroom, a job, a rental apartment or a seat on the bus because of their race. These two people live in the lap of luxury with multi-millions of dollars in each of their bank accounts. They vacation in the finest places, eat in five star restaurants, fly first class and wear expensive clothes.

They claim to care so much for the blacks of this country and claim to have worked to help them. How much of their wealth do they donate to help black children, families, seniors, disabled, veterans, or black institutions? I never hear of any. I would be very surprised if they give any of their money at all to black causes. I only hear them asking for people to give money to them. There is nothing preventing either Clinton from being generous with their vast wealth. Let them put their money where their mouth is.

The same goes for the Democrat party. Why aren’t more of them donating a portion of their wealth and resources to rebuild New Orleans? Black Americans should open their eyes to the truth. When Bill Clinton left the White House, he took an office in a predominately black area just for show. Everytime he appeared in a news story, he was in a foreign country, not the office in the black neighborhood. He raised money for tsunami victims in Asia, but how much time did he spend in New Orleans?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. Racism is alive and well in the Democrat Party and two faces that represent it well are Bill and Hillary Clinton.

P.S. Why is Bill Clinton called America’s first black president? Was it because he appointed Joycelyn Elders as Surgeon General to repay a favor for his mother? How long was Elders in office before she had to resign in disgrace? Perhaps appointing Ron Brown as Secretary of Commerce earned the title for Clinton. Of course, if Ron Brown had not died in a plane crash, he may have ended up in prison on multiple charges. He was under investigation at the time. Did Clinton appoint any other blacks during his administration? I can’t remember any others. Clinton had eight years. He could have appointed so many that we would easily remember them, but he didn’t.

On the other hand, Pres. George W. Bush appointed Condoliza Rice as Secretary of State, General Collin Powell as Secretary of State, Rod Paige as Secretary of Education and they all served well and with honor. But it wasn’t enough to label Bush as a black president. Can’t explain it.


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