Universal Health Care – January 22, 2008

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Ahhh. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Universal. That means that no one will ever live without health care again. How comforting. No more little children without medical treatment. No more senior citizens choosing between food and medicine.

Now where will we find free health care? Is there such a thing? Nooooo. No matter what, health care has to be paid for – by someone. The government will make “deals”. They will call it, “negotiate contracts”, but it will still be “making deals in a closed room” and we won’t be there to represent ourselves.

We won’t ever hear all the wheeling and dealing that went on. We won’t know, at least right away, who banked a profit – politicians, I mean. We won’t find out until it’s too late, whose brother, husband, uncle, son or daughter, had the contracts directed to their companies. (Is it possible that any company who refuses to play that game, will simply be cut out of the game all together?) Absolute power corrupts.

The government will decide how much coverage each one of us can have and how much is “excessive” or “unnecessary”. If they decide that the care you want is not “cost effective”, you won’t get it. You also won’t be allowed to buy it separately and pay for it yourself. After all, if you can afford to buy health care that others can’t afford to buy, that would not be fair. Some politicians are adamant about “levelling the playing field.” In other words, bringing everyone DOWN to the level of the lowest denominator. It’s impossible to bring everyone up to the highest level, so everyone must come down.

If they decide that you don’t have that many years left (in their opinion), they will refuse certain medical care because it isn’t cost effective. Now don’t forget that they originally sold Americans on this deal by using senior citizens who couldn’t afford health care. They had to choose between their food and their medicine. But universal health care will look at cost efficacy, not the plight of the senior citizen. (I believe it’s called “a bill of goods”.) Don’t be sold on this.

I can tell you right now, they will cover abortions and euthanasia. How do I know that? Look at who is fighting for universal health care and what else have they fought for in their lives. If they can marry two or more of their goals into one solution, they most definitetly will. Whether we like it or not, those of us who believe abortion and euthanasia is morally wrong will be party to the practice.

Now back to who will pay for it. People who don’t buy it now because they can’t afford it, will be forced to buy it. The government will look at all citizens’ earnings as a big money pot. Everyone puts their earnings in the big pot. Then the government divides it up equally and disperses as they see fit. Doesn’t this sound like socialism? Where has that ever worked successfully? I can’t think of any place. Isn’t that totally opposite our original founding fathers plan of government? That isn’t democracy or a republic. It’s socicalism. You earn it. They take it. Someone else gets it.

I hope you get it.

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