The “Comeback Kid” – January 03, 2008

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The news media loves cliche’s and clever monikers. Bill Clinton was labeled “America’s First Black President”, for some reason I don’t understand. President George W. Bush appointed more African-Americans to his cabinet and to higher posts than Bill Clinton or any other president. They also tagged Bill Clinton, “The Comeback Kid”.

In this election cycle, they have named Sen. John McCain as the new “Comeback Kid”. What he has come back from and to is beyond me. He was never and is not now a favorite among Republican voters, which he needs to win the party primary. A memo must have gone out to all the media pundits to tag McCain with this new handle. How else would they all have thought of a non-existant position for the candidate at the exact same moment in time?

Memos aside, the real “Comeback Kid” is Mike Huckabee. He, along with Sen. Duncan Hunter and Sen. Tom Tancredo, has always been relegated to the ends of the line of debaters, right beside Con. Ron Paul, and seldom called on to answer questions in nationally televised debates. He was not expected to rise to the top and certainly was not expected to rival the multi-millionaire, Gov. Mitt Romney, who has outspent Huckabee – and perhaps every other candidate in the Republican race – by millions and millions. Add to his disadvantages (in the minds of the media – not in my mind) the fact that he is a dreaded Baptist preacher – oh my!. This guy hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in July.

Yet, the people who have heard him speak like him. His star has risen at rocket speed, coming back from the bottom tier and now in first place in the polls. We don’t know how he will do by election day, but he has certainly proven to be the “Real Comeback Kid” – at least for now.

Personally, I think Al Gore is the real “Comeback Kid.”


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