Iowa and New Hampshire Caucus – January 02, 2008

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If I could speak to Iowa and New Hampshire, I would say:

If you want a Republican candidate that often votes with the Democrats, you can vote for John McCain or – cut to the chase and vote for a Democrat. Check his voting record. That’s why he’s called a “maverick”. That’s not always a good thing, if you want a real Republican in office.

If you want a candidate who harbors hateful opinions of Christians, vote for John McCain. I refer to his remarks about Christians in South Carolina when campaigning in the 2000 Republican primary.

If you want a candidate who ignores the Constitution’s guaranty of free speech, vote for John McCain. Remember the McCain-Feingold Law? If you aren’t familiar with it, please research it online or somewhere.

Wasn’t it McCain who opposed the president’s tax cuts? Do you like your tax cuts?

Didn’t McCain support a bill that would have resulted in amnesty for millions of illegal aliens? Did this bill distinguish between those illegal aliens who are good Mexican citizens who just come here to work and support their families (who Bush spoke of)? Or would amnesty have been available to extremist Islamic terrorists coming here to kill us, MS 13 gangs, fugitives from justice in their own countries, criminals and crooks of every kind, or people coming here to exploit our charitable programs, etc? In spite of this history, McCain is runnning a television add suggesting that he would be strong on national defense. How can you protect our nation, if you let our enemies walk across open borders and disperse among us, then be rewarded by our government with amnesty and aid? He has since said that he heard the American people’s rejection of that plan and he has changed his mind. ?? Did he really change his core beliefs? Wouldn’t that be a very difficult thing to do?


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