A Moderate – January 02, 2008

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Do you like your coffee weak? Or your tea watered down? Do you want to board a plane or train and almost reach your destination? If you do, then you’ll love a “moderate” candidate for President of the United States.

Wouldn’t it be fun to almost win the war against extremist Islamic jihad against America?

Do you like your soft drinks with no “fizz”? Then you’ll love a “moderate” in office. They don’t have passionate beliefs deep down inside. They just want to take a more neutral view of the world and not make waves (or fizz).

Let’s almost control spending and see if we go broke or squeak by.

Let’s not take a stand on abortion and see if we regret that years from now, like our generation regrets the history of slavery in this country. Slavery was once legal, but it was very wrong. Half of the country fought efforts to end slavery. They didn’t consider slaves as human beings. They didn’t feel like they were doing anything wrong. Nothing has changed.

Today, it’s abortion. It’s legal. Half the country opposes efforts to end abortion. Those people don’t feel that they are doing anything wrong. They don’t consider the babies in the womb as humans.

Then tell me how they can NOT be humans. They are the product of a human sperm joining with a human egg. Their parents are human. Humans beget humans. Their DNA is human. They grow, which defines “life”. If it’s not alive, it can’t grow. If it grows, it is alive. So we have alive or living humans. Abort means to stop. We stop the humans from living. Another synonym for stopping the life of a human is murder. This, too, is very wrong.

For those who believe that a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her own body, I totally agree. The key is “her own body”. She isn’t aborting her own body. She is aborting her baby’s body. She only has one heart, two lungs, two kidneys, one brain, two arms, two legs, one nose, two eyes. None of those will be aborted. She is aborting the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, arms, legs, nose and eyes of someone else’s body – not hers. The dead body that is expelled or removed after an abortion is not hers. It is that of her baby, which was a living human. That is wrong for any reason.

The Roe vs. Wade decision was mistakenly based on the privacy argument. Does that mean that we can murder someone, as long as we do it in private? What? How does that make anything right? Do we have protection of our privacy to murder humans?

I don’t want a moderate. I want someone with firm convictions who won’t waiver when things get difficult or the polls change or public opinion is swayed by the news media or the music and movie industries.


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